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Welcome to Glass House Press! We’re so happy to have you! Please stay awhile, have a look around, have some lunch at the restau— 
Wait, we don’t have a restaurant here. We don’t even have FOOD here. (Though we have coffee. And wine. Lots of wine.) But we DO have a range of wonderful books, each from an author that we adore, and have worked hard to bring into the publishing world. As a small company, we take pride in our personal feeling and the family we’ve created, including authors, designers, editors, assistants, and consultants, and we’re happy to welcome you to the gang! Stick around, shop for some books, and find us on the contact page, FB, Twitter, or Instagram with any questions, comments, or suggestions! 
Love, the Glass House Gang
Debbi by George EbeyA Rebels's Stone book art PT McHugh
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A game to end all games—and a chance to change everything in her life. But when Helen delves deeper into the world behind the game, she’s faced with a choice: Pretend everything is normal? Or join the army of men and women paying for a chance to mine for ore on Mars … and fight the evil corporation controlling them.
Doc thinks Dresden is dead. Jason knows differently. So now they’re off to Revolutionary America, trying once again to save the world. And this time … they’re not all coming back. (Coming in Spring of 2018!)