Flynn Nightsider and the Edge of Evil

Flynn Nightsider and the Edge of Evil by Mary Fanby Mary Fan

Published: TBA
Format: paperback, e-book
Edition: First
Print length: 350 pages
ISBN-10: 0974909610
ISBN-13: 9780974909615 (paperback)
9780974909622 (e-book)
Dimensions: 9.6 x 6.6 x 0.8 inches



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Light streaks across the night sky, guns boom, and supernatural beasts prowl the land. But this is no war. The war ended long ago. It is instead a holiday, celebrating the magical Enchanters’ victory over the Lord of the Underworld, who once ravaged the earth. Now, as the Triumvirate, the Enchanters rule the former US with an iron fist, condemning anyone who questions them.

Sixteen-year-old Flynn Nightsider, doomed to second-class life as a Norm, knows the history as well as anyone else. But he doesn’t buy it. Fed up with the Triumvirate’s lies and secrecy, he longs for change. And when he stumbles across a clue that hints at something more – secrets in the dark, the undead, and the man that once controlled them – he realizes that he might be destined for more than just the life of a non-magical citizen.

Flynn Nightsider, Norm orphan, finds his voice. And he begins fighting the system.

Before long, however, he realizes that all is not as it seems. He finds himself hunted not only by the government, but also by nighmarish monsters and a man with supernatural powers … all seeking him for reasons he cannot understand. Underground rebels – his only allies – entice him with their vision of a better world, but seek to use his unrecognized talents. The world around him grows dark and threatening, and as the vicious creatures of the Underworld become bolder and the nation teeters on the brink of revolution, he is forced to admit three things.

The rebellion is not what it seems.
Flynn himself might be more than he seems.
And the fate of the world now rests in his hands.

Break the enchantments. Find the truth. Ignite the revolution.