October’s Evil Character Count Down, Part 1

The days continue to grow shorter and the warmth of the sun gradually begins to fade–which means we’re heading toward our favorite time of the year, AUTUMN. Fireplaces, hot cocoa, pumpkin bread, the holidays… Seriously, IS there a better time of year????

And then there’s October, which means H-A-LL-O-W-EE-N! And when we think Halloween, we think of all the evil things that go bump in the night soooooo we thought it would be fun to ask our authors to do a profile on the best and most horrible evil character in their worlds. Are you looking for a little bit of evil and villainous fun? Read on to discover our first two evil characters, created by authors Nikki Vogel and Kristalyn A. Vetovich!

Nikki Vogel

Name: Idan
Nickname: No one would dare.
Human, animal, thing, or vegetable: Human
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 175 lbs
Hair color and style: White, closely cropped hair.
Eye color: Icy blue
Distinguishing feature: Idan has albinism.
Favorite outfit: He dresses in white, which looks dramatic … given his stark white skin.
Language/Accent/Dialect: He speaks the dominant language of Erde.
Occupation: Mage to the king of Helezon.
Describe his evil lair: No one knows where he came from, but at the moment when we meet him, he’s a guest in the palace.
Which is located in: Helezon, capital city of the Great Continent.
Mode of travel: Flying carpet (obviously).
If he were walking down the street, he would… Cause magical mishaps just for fun.
As a child, he… As a child, Idan was already plotting his rise to power.
Best friends with: Idan loves only one other person as much as himself.
Sworn enemy of: Peace.
If your character lived in the present day/modern world, what would be his favorite…
Movie/tv show: Hannibal
Song: My Name is Ruin by Gary Numan
Book: Idan has no time for such trivialities, but he would have loved Sauron, Saruman, and Lord Voldemort.
Ideal first date: Ha! As if a man like him would do something as mundane as date.
If your evil character had a motto, it would be: Mercy is weakness.


Kristalyn Vetovich

Name: Jordin
Nickname: none
Human, animal, thing, or vegetable: Soul in the afterlife world of Lemayle
Height: You can never tell, because it’s always changing!
Weight: Here too–Jordin is nothing if not unpredictable
Hair color and style: Messy black hair with white tips
Eye color: Green
Distinguishing feature: He’s almost always smirking like he knows something no one else does
Favorite outfit: See above about Jordin never looking the same twice
Language/Accent/Dialect: He’s understood through energy vibes, and speaks through other souls like him
Occupation: Aropfain, a soul in service to Narn. His job is to guide mankind toward their intended purpose, despite their own foolishness
Describe his evil lair: He exists in Lemayle, a dimension superimposed on the living world
Which is located in: The afterlife
Mode of travel: Intention and prayer
If he was walking down the street, he would… Be on the lookout for opportunities to make living souls nervous!
As a child, he was… A human. Several times.
Best friends with: Anaya…until he Shifted and Anaya disowned his friendship. He’s working on that.
Sworn enemy of: El Olam, Narn’s counterpart
If your character lived in the present day/modern world, what would be his favorite…
Movie/tv show: Any over-dramatic reality TV show
Song: Daniel in the Den by Bastille
Book: Paradise Lost
Ideal first date: Before he Shifted, Jordin would have wanted something personal for whoever he was dating. He’d have thought through their personality and interests to create the perfect atmosphere, so he could spend quality time with them. Of course now, it’s different.
If your evil character had a motto, it would be: Free will is relative.


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