Wow, we’re now halfway through October, and the fall color change is in full swing! We survived Friday the 13th and only have a few weeks until Halloween SO it’s time to seriously up our spooky decor and keep watch for the creepy-crawlies outside our doors.

With that in mind, let’s explore some evil havoc with authors R.K. Brainerd and George Ebey, and two evil characters from their series. Read on to learn more about their villainous ways!

R.K. Brainerd

Name: Okay, I’ll have to give you his real name, since the one he goes by in the book will just spoil everything… Maehawn
Nickname: Whatever person he happens to be playing at that time.
Human, animal, thing, or vegetable: >:) That’s the question, now isn’t it? Humanoid. Magical. I’ll give you that.
Height: 5’ 11”
Weight: In truth? Probably 130/140. His bones don’t really weigh as much as a human’s might… and he’s very lithe and thin.
Hair color and style: Welllll… in reality, his hair is long, jet black, and almost down to his waist. That’s not always what he looks like, though.
Eye color: Pale, pale blue.
Distinguishing feature: His skin is light grey. Does that count?
Favorite outfit: Whatever he happens to be in the mood of conjuring.
Language/Accent/Dialect: Undefined. Also part of the mystery…
Occupation: Currently a ransomer, which is a name for someone (or a group of someones) who kidnap the daughters of wealthy families for money.
Describe his Evil Lair: He’s a nomad. Not by choice. Which is the problem that has helped him develop his first plan–which to create a safe and defensible home for his people.
Which is located in: Everywhere.
Mode of travel: Nothing in particular. Mostly walking or horses.
If he was walking down the street, he would: Not look like his actual self.
As a child, he listened to: The radicals of his people. He was dreaming of a better world for people like him.
Best friends with: Angrinith. She’s just as fiercely loyal and protective of their people, and ready to do the impossible to create a world where their people are safe.
Sworn enemy of: HA! Let me start a list: Terra Arcana Security Association, the Dragon Lords, people who get in the way of his goal…
If your character lived in the present day/modern world, what would be his favorite…

Oh crap, I’m always terrible as these. I can’t even make up my mind for myself.

Movie/TV show: Supernatural, where he can laugh at the characters and how utterly wrong they are about everything.
Song: You Want It Darker by Leonard Cohen. (That may be more his theme song, to be honest.)
Book: How To Create An Empire, by whoever decides to write it. (Actually, it’s probably the Art of War by Sun Tsu.)
Ideal first date: Probably starting with a sneaky competition of creating and breaking through the other’s magical illusion, over candlelight and with intense flirting. Followed by good food, stimulating conversation, possibly churning up some trouble by antagonizing T.A.S.A. or any magical authorities that happen to be around…  
If your evil character had a motto, it would be: All For My People


George Ebey


My all-time favorite bad guy that I’ve written comes from my fantasy series, The Phoenix Saga. This series hasn’t released yet, so here’s a brief introduction to Lord Talons, the story’s main villain.

Name: Talons
Nickname: Lord Talons, as he will come to be known among his kind.
Human, animal, thing, or vegetable: He is a Gryphon, part eagle, part lion, all evil.
Height: As tall as a mighty steed.
Weight: As heavy as an ox.
Hair color and style: Gryphons don’t have hair.
Eye color: Red.
Distinguishing feature: The claws on the end of his eagle-like talons.
Favorite outfit: Feathers and fur.
Language/Accent/Dialect: Mythic proper, the language of all speaking creatures in his world.
Occupation: Leader of the Gryphon clan.
Describe his Evil Lair: Gryphons live a miserable life in the Pits of the Northlands. This is a cold, wet, soggy place full of mold, disease, and death. The Gryphons were banished there a generation ago after losing a horrific war. But Talons is determined to change that, to leave the Pits and reclaim the world his kind have lost.
Mode of travel: Gryphons can fly!
If he was walking down the street, he would… See something he wanted and take it. He’s tired of being the underdog and ready to rule over new and fertile lands, no matter what it takes.
As a child, he… Dreamed of a better place and plotted ways to make it his.  
Best friends with: Gryphons stick to their own, but Talons isn’t afraid to recruit the help of other, equally sinister creatures to help get what he wants.
Sworn enemy of: The Phoenix.
If your character lived in the present day/modern world…what would be their favorite…
Movie/tv show: The Walking Dead, though he’d probably be cheering for Negan.
Song: Flight of the Valkyries by Wagner.
Book: The Art of War by Sun Tzu.
Ideal first date: Yeah, Talons isn’t the dating type.
If your evil character had a motto, it would be: Strike first, strike hard, no mercy, sir!


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