October’s Evil Character Countdown, Part 4

Are you ready? It’s almost here! Halloween is TOMORROW!! Did you spend the weekend binge-watching Stranger Things like everyone else? Or were you putting the last-minute touches on your costume, or carving pumpkins? If you’re looking for something more to get you into the Halloween mood, look no further, because we have our last two Evil Character Profiles by authors Kimberly Mitchell and P.T. McHugh ready for you! Grab a handful of candy corn and get ready to explore two more villains from Glass House!

Kimberly Mitchell

Name: Joshua
Nickname: none
Human, animal, thing, or vegetable: human … but he has a gifting (dum dum dum!)
Height: 5’10”
Hair color and style: white hair, even though he’s in his early twenties
Eye color: blue
Distinguishing feature: his hair and his charismatic voice
Favorite outfit: light pants and tunic, just like everyone else in Eliot
Language/Accent/Dialect: Joshua is an Abed, and his dialect is Abed, but the Abed and the Nas share a common language.
Occupation: Dreamer … and leader of the Abed rebellion in Eliot
Describe his Evil Lair: Elior is a cave hidden in the desert outside the city. There, Joshua trains the Gifted Abed for war against the Emperor.
Which is located in: the desert
Mode of travel: walking or a Hawk (fan craft)
If he were walking down the street, he would… convince other Abed to join him in Elior … and use their giftings to fight the Emperor.
As a child, he… led a normal life in his village outside the city, until the war over water. But when that happened, he was captured, held, and tortured by the Emperor. Which led to where we are now.
Best friends with: Amira
Sworn enemy of: the Emperor
If your character lived in the present day/modern world…what would be their favorite…
Movie/tv show: Stranger Things! He’d definitely be interested in Eleven’s special abilities.
Song: Probably some dark classical music, perhaps a requiem.
Book: Probably a chess/strategy book. Maybe the Art of War, too.
Ideal first date: This is almost laughable considering the world they live in, but Joshua would probably want to take her to Elior and show her the refuge he’s built for the Abed.
If your evil character had a motto, it would be: Giftings were given to the Abed for one reason: to fight the Emperor. If you don’t fight, you’re choosing to die, because the Emperor won’t allow gifted Abed to live free.


P.T. McHugh

Name: Nicholas Fleming
Nickname: Dresden (also the name he now goes by, as Nicholas Fleming is someone he has left in the past … or the future, as the case may be)
Human, animal, thing, or vegetable: Human
Height: 5’ 6”
Weight: 140
Hair color and style: Blonde, almost white
Eye color: Blue
Distinguishing feature: goatee
Favorite outfit: Always wears black
Language/Accent/Dialect: English
Occupation: That depends on who you’re asking. Time traveler. History changer.
Describe his evil lair: Also depends on which time period he’s in. Castles or large homes are his preference.  
Which is located in: London, England, Pottsdam, Germany, Hanover, N.H., Philadelphia, PA…
Mode of travel: Stones that allow time travel
If he was walking down the street, he would… Ensure that he was walking in front … with his henchmen walking behind him.  
As a child, he…  was shy and awkward around kids his own age, especially girls.  Very bright, but also very conceited.  
Best friends with: No one. He’s a loner, and he likes it that way. He’s more comfortable with books than with people, who he treats as objects.  
Sworn enemy of: Dr. Richard Evans and Jason Evans, because they’re trying to keep him from achieving his goals.
If your character lived in the present day/modern world…what would be his favorite…
Movie/tv show: Patton. Although not nearly the leader Patton was, nor the strategist, he fancies himself a war hero, a leader of men.  
Song: Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons.” He enjoys listening to it as his prisoners are tortured for information.
Book: Mein Kampf.
Ideal first date: Women are objects to him, so dating is not an option he wishes to explore.  
If your evil character had a motto, it would be:  “If God didn’t want them sheared, he would not have made them sheep.”

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