October’s Evil Character Countdown, Part 3

The air is crisp, the leaves are changing and slowly beginning to fall, and the countdown to HALLOWEEN continues! It’s the perfect time for a hayride and roasting hot dogs while telling scary stories by the campfire. So, kick back, enjoy a mug of hot apple cider, and get ready to be spooked by our next two characters in our Evil Character Countdown! Our next two authors are J. David Wilcox and Shane Denham (who met each other and instantly became besties, btw, but don’t tell them we told you that). Read on to learn about the bone-tingling mannerisms of their most evil characters!

J.David Wilcox

Name: Lord Aiden DeMaine
Nickname: His mother called him Addy. If he’s been given one by anyone else, he’s unaware of it, though he would not be surprised if common folk soon began to disparage his name.
Human, animal, thing, or vegetable: Human of the Hearthdwell region of Karath
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 156 lbs
Hair color and style: Brown hair, medieval medium-length noble look, swept back at the front and sides
Eye color: Brown
Distinguishing feature: Slightly pale skin that weakens his otherwise attractive features, like he hasn’t had a healthy amount of time in the sun.
Favorite outfit: Proper lordly dress in the fashionable style. He doesn’t keep up with the newest trends but he does keep himself clean and well dressed when possible.
Language/Accent/Dialect: Karathian (the Common Tongue) with a noble’s accent
Occupation: Sole survivor of the DeMaine family line, Lord of Del DeMaine and its lands
Describe his evil lair: A small keep on the border of Karath, Del DeMaine was a quaint fiefdom known for its loyalty and constancy, until an Anrak assault during the last war. The attack overran the keep and its village, claiming the lives of Lord and Lady DeMaine, along with Aiden’s older siblings. Much of the populace fled, and a few stalwart warriors were also slain.
In the wake of this tragedy, Aiden was appointed lord, under the tutelage of an elderly seneschal from the capital of Karath. The youngster tried to restore the dignity of his home and the shattered village that was left. However, doing so proved beyond his means. The fiefdom slowly dwindled over the following decade, until one fateful evening when the seneschal and servants of the DeMaine household were found dead by poisoning at the dinner table. A group of visitors found Aiden that same evening in a pool of blood in the basement, hiding in a sanctuary from the assault of a devil. Since Aiden was removed for both his protection and a further investigation, Del DeMaine has become a ghost tower, shut off and avoided by all those brave enough to linger in its ‘cursed’ domain.
Which is located in: Del DeMaine overlooks the acknowledged border between the Karathian state of Heartsdwell and the Anrak Plains. It is a temperate, well-forested land, tilled by the good, simple people of Karath.
Mode of travel: Horse, carriage
If he was walking down the street, he would… seem distant yet attentive. Aiden is not aloof, but acknowledges others, showing respect and lordly dignity to those he encounters along his way. Anyone except Anraks, who he struggles to hide his hatred from–despite his noble demeanor.
As a child, he… lived in modest comfort attending seminary, knowing his path was to be delivered into the priesthood of Karath. This was common practice, both to free the family of a youngest child’s financial burden and maintain the line’s respectability through the church. Aiden was a happy child, content with his role and future departure, though he was also especially close to his mother, who regularly mentioned, offhand, that she would never really let him go.
Best friends with: Some claim the Adellan family is especially fond of the last surviving DeMaine, but since the death of Aiden’s family, he has never been seen truly close to anyone.
Sworn enemy of: Mortality. While Aiden holds a burning hatred for all the peoples of Anrak, his true enemy is suffering and mortal death.
If your character lived in the present day/modern world…what would be his favorite…
Movie/tv show: Might actually be a video game: Final Fantasy X. He would identify with a certain character who pursues an end to the world’s pain, though he might question their lack of true divine authority.
Song: “The Aeroplane Flies High (Turns Left, Looks Right)” by The Smashing Pumpkins
Book: The Dragonlance Legends Trilogy by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. He would have identified with, and had his heart broken by, the story’s tragedy.
Ideal first date: The undercurrent of his all-consuming drive has kept romance from Aiden’s mind for his adult life, save for the occasional hormonal rumblings. If he were pushed on the issue, he might fancy a quiet picnic dinner  on the roadside with a noble lady, who, in conversation, would reveal that she too longs for a world devoid of pain and suffering and mortality. Maybe then he wouldn’t feel so completely alone.
If your evil character had a motto, it would be: Pain ends with freedom from mortality.


Shane Denham

Name: He’s not telling
Nickname: Wiley
Human, animal, thing, or vegetable: Human (originally)
Height: 6’ 4”
Weight: 155 lbs
Hair color and style: bald
Eye color: Well… they’re typically under a hood. The only color anyone really sees is a wicked red glow…
Distinguishing feature: Skeletal face, bony hands, sunken eyes, radio-smooth voice
Favorite outfit: Tattered black cloak
Language/Accent/Dialect: He speaks fluent North American conversational bad-guy.
Occupation: Tracker / hunter of people
Describe his evil lair: Ah… probably dark. Lots of unrecognizable animals roaming free. At least a couple caged humans in various stages of deformation. And TVs… Old televisions everywhere, playing classic children’s cartoons.
Which is located in: Most likely, in this world… but not necessarily…
Mode of travel: Dark power, storms, mutated animals. Uber.
If he was walking down the street, he would… steal an ice cream from a child and give it to a second child. Then push the second child in front of a bus and laugh about it. His Coyotes would lick up the mess… and the ice cream.
As a child, he… experienced things… people bled, sweets were consumed. And you can read about it soon.
Best friends with: His Coyotes
Sworn enemy of: All Holders of Light, and modern children’s entertainment
If your character lived in the present day/modern world…what would be his favorite…
(He does live in modern USA)
Movie/tv show: Looney Tunes
Song: old timey show tunes
Book: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Ideal first date: Starts out like a date sequence from The Notebook, there’s a dance number from Grease in the middle, then finishes up with a Jack The Ripper reenactment.
If your evil character had a motto, it would be: Animals are people too. Well… some of mine are… or at least they used to be…

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